Toy Army Tuesday - Latest Editions

Hi all! Another Toy Army Tuesday here. Instead of bombarding you with information this week I thought it would be nice to show off how my toys are currently displayed throughout my room. I hope to have a room or at the very least entire wall to devote to them one day, but in the mean time they will sit on an ikea bookshelf and thrifted record cabinet.

Circus Posterus Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters Fishy Ice scream men and Amanda Visell My Toys My toys Stuffs Avon Skelves and Kewpies

A smidge bit chaotic, but it makes me happy each and every day. Most of the pieces in my collection are by Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters. I will go more in-depth the upcoming weeks about each piece but I could use your help.

What would you like to learn/get out of Toy Army Tuesdays?

I have been trying to briefly cover the artists and background about each and every piece. Is there anything you feel like I am missing or going on too much about? I would love the feedback.


Also, these photos were all taken with my new 50mm 1.8 lens - I am in love! Have a good day everyone!!

Pie in the sky

Hi all! Hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine was spent relaxing and practicing with my new 50mm lens and gear for the wedding next weekend - pretty excited. I also attended the opening of Expo Chicago and returned again on Saturday, if only I had thousands of dollars to spend...

Anywho... I need to keep this post fairly short today because I have some work to catch up on tonight - wah, wahhh. I took these photos a month or so back when the weather was warmer. I can't believe it is already officially fall, but I am so ready for sweater weather and apple picking. In order to say goodbye to summer and hello to apple and pumpkin pie season I thought I would share my pie dress with you all.

ModCloth - My Kind of Pie ModCloth - My Kind of Pie ModCloth - My Kind of Pie

Outfit Details: Dress - My Kind of Pie Dress by ModCloth, Headband - Modcloth, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell.

Haha, pea was not amused to be in the last shot. I feel a bit like Betty Crocker in this dress. When I saw that this dress was back on sale at ModCloth I knew I had to add it to my wardrobe. I have seen a lot of fellow bloggers with this dress - don't you just love it? I have been drawn to crazy patterns this year.

There is a Toy Army Tuesday post headed your way tomorrow debuting my new lens! Have a good day everyone :]


Life has been great lately. Seriously, I have had a huge smile plastered on my face for the past few months. Moving to the city was the best decision I made this year, hands down. It has been a slightly bumpy road at times, but I have met so many new and wonderful people. I have also gone outside my comfort zone and experienced new things, ventured to new places, and feel, well...alive. I am falling in love all over again with old interests and hobbies that I had let slide for far too long and it is very exciting. Anywho... expect to see these positive changes reflected in my blogging. I have so many ideas swirling around in my head to improve Shyscout and to get back in to the blogosphere.

Sorry, I am just slightly excited about everything. Speaking of excitement - I am helping shoot a friends wedding in two weeks! I can't wait to help out on her big day. This will be my first time helping shoot a wedding and will be an awesome experience. I just bought a fancy new lens for the big day and can't wait to use it. With all the cheesin' lately and upcoming wedding shoot I thought a camera dress would only be suitable for this post ;]


Outfit Details: Dress - Poise and Click Dress by ModCloth, Shoes - DSW, Camera - thrifted.

I mayyyy have to wear this dress to the wedding - just incase anyone gets confused as to who is taking their photos. Ha. On top of everything else this fall weather has me excited for apple picking, pumpkin patches, and hay rides.

Have a good day everyone!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my favorite woman in the world's birthday - my mom's. She is the strongest, silliest, and most caring lady I know. I would be so lost without her. I look forward to more years of crazy adventures with her by my side - whether it is jumping on Orlando Bloom's car, attending all night flea markets, or laughing until we nearly drown at a man in a speedo while snorkeling - there is a never a dull moment. For today's post I hi-jacked some cute photos of her from our family albums (sorry in advance mom).

aIMG_3309 aIMG_3310 aIMG_3306 aIMG_3304

Mom - I hope you have a beautiful day and I can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow. I love you as big as the sky :]

End mushy-gushy post. Have a beautiful weekend everyone!!

Your hip bone's connected to your...

Hi guys. How's your week going? Mine is dragging on a bit with work. I am looking forward to the weekend and heading home to see my pup. My mom's birthday is tomorrow so we will be celebrating together Friday night. Can't wait to see the fam.

Anywho... I have an interesting dress to share with you all. It is covered in bones and glows in the dark! Anatomy was one of my favorite classes in school so I couldn't pass up this dress when I saw it on ModCloth.

aDSC_0010 aDSC_0013

Outfit details: Dress - Rad to the bone dress by ModCloth, Shoes - DSW, Bag - Thrifted.

Unfortunately, I have only worn this dress out and about once in New Orleans. Not as many occasions call for glow in the dark bones as I had hoped. I am, however, excited that Halloween is right around the corner so that this dress can be worn more often. Speaking of Halloween (my favorite holiday) - have any of you decided on what you are going to be? I am thinking Poison Ivy from Batman...

Hope you all have a beautiful day!