Hi all, happy March! This year is flying by, yeesh!! Honestly, I am sort of glad it is flying by - but only due to recent events. Dan and I bought a condo!!!!! The radio silence on my end has been due to us hunting for the perfect place, which is a job in itself. We put an offer on one condo a few weeks back, which we lost - the market is insane right now. Everyone who has been waiting all winter for a place decided to get a jump on things the same time we did because both places we put offers on had multiple bids - with "best offer" show downs. I swear - it was a roller coaster ride of emotions, however, the second place we put an offer on we won! It is a million times better than the first (I swear, I am not just saying that), so I am convinced it was really just the universe making sure we ended up where we needed to be. 

I haven't talked about it much outside of family and friends because we were afraid to jinx everything. There are so many steps to purchasing a home and we wanted to make sure we got far enough along before sharing. I am still going to hold off on sharing photos and any additional details - but keep an eye out for an endless amount of decorating posts come July! Since we heard the good news I have been pinning up a storm.

Outfit: Cardigan - ModCloth, Top - Kohls, Skirt - H&M, Boots - Carson Pririe Scott.

Can't beat $10 brand spankin new suede boots!

We were visiting the Willis (*Ahem* SEARS) Tower the night we got the good news that our offer was accepted. It couldn't have been been more perfect! We giddily rode the train home, quietly squealing and giggling over the fact that we were finally homeowners - we must have looked real crazy - but we have been dreaming up this home for months now and it was finally ours.

Sorry guys, this is another gushy post, but I can't wait to make a home with Dan. Sure, we will miss his current rooftop view (where all of these photos were taken), but having a place in the world that we own and is solely ours is pretty darn magical. I can't wait for all the adventures to come!

What is new in your worlds? Anything big and exciting planned?