Happy Valentines Day, lovies! I am back from the dead, wahoo!! I had to take a mini break from the interwebs after the inauguration - my heart just couldn't handle it. I have also deactivated my personal Facebook account for the time being, I feel so much better after having done so. In addition to the mini break, last week I also had the flu - no fun, soooo I am beyond excited to be back in action here today!

To be honest I have been feeling extra lovey dovey lately and had grand ideas for a Valentine's Day series, but I guess they will just have to wait until next year...

Do you have any fun plans for the big day?

Dan and I are hitting up Homeslice - a pizza joint where we had our first date. It's a cute restaurant with an airstream you can sit in out back - their sister location has tire swings to sit on at the bar - pretty fun! We have only been back once since our first date (for our 6 month anniversary), so it holds a special lil place in our heart. In terms of gifts we didn't do anything over the top, a few weekends back we bought each other our vday gifts - jacks bookends and a cold brew press - items for our new home together. Sometimes practical stuff is sexier.

*Warning - tune out now if you hate the mushy gushy stuff*

This is Dan and I's first Valentine's Day - so I get a pass to gush - right? My Valentine couldn't be any sweeter! I try to avoid getting too mushy gushy or sentimental on here, but Dan is my person. When we first met I was pretty skeptical of the whole dating scene, falling in love and giving your heart to another (especially since I had mine stomped all over not too soon before), but I am so glad I took a chance on him. Dan is the kindest and most thoughtful man I have ever known. To be honest, we have never even fought - I know that sounds bad, don't get me wrong, we disagree on things - but I have never felt more on the same page with anyone else. I couldn't imagine my world without him. It's so crazy how some people stumble in to your life and change it so substantially instantly - in this case for the better. I can't wait for all the adventures to come! I couldn't have hoped for a better Valentine if I tried.

Outfit: Dress - Alice + Olivia, Coat - Thrifted, Tights & Shoes - Target.

*End nauseating transmission* 

Whether you are celebrating today with your special someone, best friends, pet - or anti the whole notion of a holiday created specifically to sell cards, candy, and what not - I hope you are having a good day regardless.

While I may not have managed to get a Valentine's Day series up and running as planned - I did manage to get dolled up for the occasion. This dress may be seasons old, but it is one of my personal favorites to wear when I want to wear something romantic with a pop of fun. I waited over a year to score it off of Ebay and it was well worth the wait.

Stay tuned! Wednesday I am going to finally debut the Shyscout365 project. If you follow along on Instagram you already have an idea, but more details are to come. In the mean time, take care  - and stock up on that clearance candy ;)