Museum of Contemporary Art

Morning everyone! How has your weekend been? It is beyond cold out here in Chicago! I recently purchased a North Face coat that could double as a sleeping bag (it goes down to my ankles) which has been perfect for this weather, however, after about 10 minutes of walking regardless of what I am wearing my legs go numb and feel slushie like - ugh! I honestly don't know why people put up with this cold. Some day I will live in Sedona and sell aura photos to tourists (or some other crazy gig - maybe geodes - to pay the bills), and never freeze again...

Anywho... yesterday Dan and I headed over to the MCA in order to catch the Diana Thater: The Sympathetic Imagination installation, which unfortunately ends today. The colorful images above (in the middle two rows) are from this show. The show consisted of a "series of immersive film and video installations that push the limit of these media to imagine animal experiences in natural habitats." The installations were beautiful. It was neat being surrounded by multiple projectors as the artwork surrounds you. It felt as though you were a part of the the scene and for a moment forgot where you were. For more information about the artist and the artwork please check out the show's gallery brochure.

After spending the afternoon at the museum we quickly headed home to get out of the cold. However, being the nut that I am - I had Dan snap a few outfit photos for me on the roof deck. We lasted all of 5 minutes - but the city skyline sure looked pretty last night.

Outfit: Dress - Eva Franco, Frames and Fortune - ModCloth, Cardigan - Charter School Cardigan - ModCloth, Purse - Kate Spade - Nordstrom's Rack, Tights - Target, Boots - Madden Girl - Carson Pirie Scott.

I have been a bit lax with my wardrobe this winter. Lately I have just thrown on some jeans and a sweater of some sort and call it a day. I am so ready for spring to get here! Yesterday, however, I decided to get dolled up, so I felt the need to document the occasion. This Eva Franco dress is one of my  all-time favorites. I have owned it for a few years now, and it is still one of go-to's for a dressier look with a pop of fun. What are some of your go-to items in your wardrobe?

Welp, I am off to design some logos. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend! Stay warm!!