American Sign Museum

Hi all - happy 2017! First post of the new year - wahoo!! I am looking forward to what this new year has in store, and I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and managed to ring in the new year with loved ones. I spent the holidays driving up and down the midwest in a whirlwind of a road trip. Dan and I first journeyed out to Athens, Ohio to spend time with his grandmother and family. Along the way we made sure to make a quick pit stop at the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio.

For those of you unfamiliar with the American Sign Museum - it is a museum devoted entirely to (you guessed it!) American signage (metal, plastic, neon - etc.) spanning decades. The museum was founded by Tod Swormstedt - former editor and publisher of Signs of the Times magazine - and opened it's doors in 2005.

The morning we set off for Ohio we didn't account for the time change - silly us - so by the time we hit the road and plugged in our coordinates we realized we would only have an hour (tops - if we were lucky) to check everything out. We were able to make it to the museum with 45 minutes to spare, unfortunately, that meant we had to run through the museum like mad people snapping photos so that we wouldn't miss anything. I only managed to read two plaques of information, so we will definitely be returning some time soon to take the full tour.

Dan and I are both in the design field so our love of good signage/advertising runs deep. We were giddy the entire drive out to see it. I think I thanked the woman at the front desk for everything they've done about 10 times. The museum is such a beautiful time capsule of American advertisement history. The museum itself is set up to look like a street - with a variety of shop windows - as you walk down the road you travel through various eras of signage history - it was pretty darn neat!

If you ever pass through Cincinnati I highly recommend stopping in - just make sure you have at least an hour or more to really take in everything! The penguin and Fergi signs above were two of my personal faves.

I hope I am not alone in my signage nostalgia. Do any of you like to stop for cool signs or other roadside attractions? I go out of my way on trips to find them. If you are looking for a good read and/or neat website to check out that has tons of places similar to the sign museum - check out Atlas Obscura. I found their site a little over a year back and Dan and I pull places to visit from there all the time - I even bought Dan the Atlas Obscura book this Christmas so we could find more places to explore. I am looking forward to endless adventures in 2017.

Anywho, have a great week everyone!