Feeling Fired Up

Hi all! How's your week going? I wish I had some fun stories to share in terms of my week, but it has been fairly average. At least it is nearly over!! Anyone else dreading tomorrow? I typically refrain from voicing my political views on social media, but I am really nervous (*coughs* terrified...) for what's to come - and honestly, I have been feeling a little fired up about it all - especially today. Our country is so divided - more so now than ever, and it is breaking my heart! I hate that I have to walk on egg shells around people I know who have opposing views simply because people seem too on edge that they can't have a calm discussion about what they think and feel. We are all doomed if we can't calm down, work together, and most importantly listen. I won't get much more in to it than that, but Saturday my family and I will be marching in Chicago's Women's March and I couldn't be more excited to stand in solidarity with people of all religions, color, backgrounds and politics to help protect our basic rights and civil liberties.

Phew! I just had to get that off my chest. I took a Myers - Briggs test earlier this week and found out that I am an INFP - aka a "Mediator." It said that I am an "idealist, always looking for a hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better." And that couldn't be more true - even to a fault! I just wish we could all try harder to work together and get along. I know life doesn't work that way, but it sure doesn't hurt to try. This is another reason why I have been taking the elections outcome - and all the hatred it has stirred up in this country - even more to heart.

If you haven't taken a Myers - Briggs personality exam I highly recommend it! It is very spot on. I had a few friends and family give it a go - and we were all amazed at how accurately it seemed to describe them. It is good to revaluate yourself from time to time and reflect on both your strengths and weaknesses. Thank you Mona from Curls & Cakes for suggesting taking the survey.

Off topic - but how neat is this pin? I have become quite the pin junkie lately.

Outfit: Dress - Belle Poque, Cardigan - Modcloth, Tights - Target, Shoes - Mel Shoes, Pin - Tigersheep Friends.

I thought this red dress helped visualize my firey feelings as of late. Isn't this dress cute? My dad knows I love all things vintage/vintage inspired and picked this dress out all by himself for my Christmas present - I think he did a great job! I love the scalloped neckline, and the skirt length is just right for twirling. A girls got to twirl!

Until next time - take care!