Winter Hours

Hi all - happy Wednesday! I hope your week is off to a good start. Mine has been slowly dragging on unfortunately. These gray winter days are endless and it really starts to weigh on you. I am impatiently counting down the days until spring. I miss the green grass and sundress weather!

I know most of my fellow midwest bloggers probably sound like a broken record when it comes to the cold - but c'mon - it's rough! Haha, anywho... I thought today I would shake things up a bit on here. I typically only post dresses in my outfit posts - my wardrobe consists 85% of them - but during these cold months I tend to gravitate towards jeans and baggy sweaters. Today I give you the typical Monday through Friday winter hours Allison. To the ladies who can stand to wear dresses in 30 degrees and blow - hats off to you! I just can't do it, so instead I rely on loose layers.

Isn't this bag cute? It pretty much sums me up and what it is like living with generalized anxiety, something I think is important to be open about. Also, the cardigan and watch were stolen from Dan's wardrobe - he is such a sport and also helped me take these photos (oh the joys of dating a blogger, haha).

Outfit: Top - Anthropologie, Cardigan - Banana Republic, Jeans - Urban Outfitters, Shoes - Swedish Hasbeens, Bag - Stay at Home Club, Had - Goorin Bothers.

I am also feverishly counting down the days to spring because Dan and I are moving in together! Before we met he had decided that once his lease was up he was going to buy a place. This will be his first time owning a home, which is pretty darn exciting. I am so glad I can share this journey with him. We are in the process of finding a realtor as we speak! We have also been pinning ideas to our "future home" board on Pinterest for months. I can't wait to make a place ours and possibly tile a bathroom (or two) :]

I will keep you all posted as that draws near. In the mean time I will be bundled up binge watching Netflix.

Any fun plans in store for you this year? I'd love to hear about them!