11 little things

Hi all! Happy Monday. Hope you had a great weekend. I spent my weekend tidying up, running errands, drinking some fancy drinks and taking in a play - all in all, a pretty a-ok weekend!

The drinks below are what my girlfriend and I tried the other night at The Sixth. The perfume bottle spritzed rose water on to your drink, while the drink next to it had smoke filling the bottom bowl so when you lifted the top glass to take a sip you were surrounded by camp fire scent. The rainbow drinks are a Trix cereal flavored concoction that I need to try to replicate at a future cocktail party. Yum :]

Today I thought it may be fun to catch new readers up to speed with a little "About Me" post. 11 random facts (because 11 is my lucky number) - so here it goes...

1. I started out college at Loyola for pre-pharmacy and only lasted a semester. Only ever taking art classes and applying everywhere else to art school should have been a clue. But having dissected cadavers in Anatomy and watching endless episodes of CSI told me that the medical field would be more exciting...except for the fact that I was going to school to count pills. Ha, a lot was wrong with that scenario.

2. I collect vintage kitchenware (see previous post) and designer toys, and hope to open a brick and mortar vintage shop some day.

3. It may take a cocktail or two, but I LOVE to shake my groove thang and boogie oogie oogie until I just can't boogie no more.

4. I am a pescatarian…who also occasionally eats bacon >_<. Everyone has their vices.

5. Oldies are my jams - I have an impossible time keeping up with today's hits.

6. I have generalized anxiety and it has been something I have really struggled with since college and unfortunately didn’t seek help for until recently. 

(Side note - when you are having an episode you know your fears and concerns may be irrational, but you are stuck in a loop of downward thinking - sometimes for weeks on end. Having people tell you to “snap out of it” only makes it worse. If you know someone who has generalized anxiety, please just hug them - or tell them it will be ok and give them a bit of space and time to catch their breath. It is hard to cope with sometimes because I feel like I am alienating those I love - but please be patient. It is also frustrating because half the time I don’t know what set it off or what is causing it - you just sort of have to ride it out.)

7. I talk to my dog on the regular, and sing silly songs to and about her whenever I am happy.

8. I am terrified of heights, and have been contemplating jumping out of a plane recently to get over it. That may or may not make things a million times worse though…

9. I binge watch romantic comedies and may have a distorted view of reality now :-P

10. I am a hopeless romantic^ and I really hope to find my best friend and partner in crime to grow old with. I also really want to be a mom.

11. I hope to end up on the east or west coast some day. I miss the ocean.

Have a good day, everyone!