Mini Kitchen Tour

Hi all! How's it going? I am excited to share today's post with you. If you are new to my blog you may not know that I have a teensy addiction to thrifting, and most importantly - vintage kitchenware. I started thrifting sometime in high school, but started to refine my thrift search some time in college. I found myself drawn to the retro prints and colors found on vintage Pyrex, Catherine Holm, Fire King, etc. Admittedly I wasn't a whiz in the kitchen when I first started collecting (still working on it), but I started hunting down various kitchenware items from the 50's and 60's. I was on a mission to make my retro kitchen dreams come true!

Fast forward to today. For the first time I am living on my own and have free reign on the overall design of my apartment - it's pretty exciting! Obviously, I started with the kitchen.

All of the items were either thrifted, found at estate sales or flea markets - with the exception of most of the Catherine Holm pieces (which my awesome mother has won on eBay and gifted to me over the years.) Catherine Holm is so tricky to find in the wild, especially out here in the midwest. I have only happened upon it twice, both times on the east coast.

I am beyond ready to host a cocktail party! It's just too bad my apartment can only comfortably hold 6 people or so. I removed the cabinet doors on one side of my kitchen in order to show of my collection, I really think it helps liven the place up. Oh, also - some of my toys felt like getting in on the action for this photoshoot. I am still debating whether they will stay put or move elsewhere once I get other areas settled. The kitchen is definitely my favorite spot - so far. I am still working on the rest of it and hope to share that with you all soon.

Have a beautiful weekend lovelies!