Poppin collars

Hi guys! How's it going? Getting back in to blogging has been a bit of a challenge for me - I feel like I am just rambling in to the void, but it has also been nice to write again. I am living on my own for the first time (sans room mates) and it definitely takes some time getting used to it. I also find myself coming up with horrible ways I could possibly injure myself, or ya know, die (such as choking on some zoodles) and not having anyone there to help or know. Yeesh! The life alert seems a lot more sensible now. Haha. It really has been a transition though. My kitchen, living room, bedroom, office and closet are one in the same. College dorm 2.0 over here! All of that aside, it has also been nice to have a personal space to make my own and not have anyone to clean up after, or have to worry about a room mate burning the place down - yeah, that nearly happened >_<

Today I bring you an adorable dress from Capsule Vintage! As soon as I saw the collar and bow I was sold. It is such a cute look and perfect for work. On cold days I can bump up the warmth factor with a petticoat. (Oh, and please excuse the fitbit in these photos - I was in the middle of a challenge this weekend and every step counts!)

Outfit: Dress - Capsule Vintage, Purse - Vintage Doone y& Burke, Shoes - DSW and Tights - Betsey Johnson.

Do any of you have tips for taking photos indoors? I tried using natural light, but the clouds kept getting in the way so that each photo was different. I also over exposed on these... whoops! Photography is something I definitely want to improve on this year. Yet another thing to add to the to-do list.

I also hope to switch up my wardrobe shots once it gets a bit warmer out, but I am also slightly hesitant to take photos on the streets of Chicago by myself. Hopefully I can bribe a few friends because I have some fun spots planned to shoot at.

Anywho, have a good day everyone!