Mab Graves - Mab Girl

Good morning everyone! Happy Tuesday. I am already counting down to the weekend. I am currently the only designer on staff again, which can be a wee bit stressful at times. Thankfully though, we do have someone coming in at the end of the week and I hope they are permanent - *fingerscrossed.

Let's get back on track though. Today I want to talk about one of my favorite artists, Mab Graves. For those of you unfamiliar with her and her work - Mab is a Contemporary Pop-Surrealist artist who's work is inspired by fairy tales and old classic literature. I first stumbled across her work on my old blogging bud Violet's page - Blythe Ponytail Parades. I was instantly drawn in by her characters big-eyed gazes, their adorable companions (dinos, dachshunds, and yeti's - oh my!),  and the dreamy lands they came from.

Mab also works in a lot of different mediums, which I love. In addition to paintings, drawings, etc. Mab also creates and customizes various toys - Blythe's included. Her Blythe dolls in the dolly world are referred to as "Mab Girls". As soon as I came across one of her Blythe dolls online I fell instantly in love. I am always late to the party though because she had stopped selling her Blythe dolls online some years before.

My Mab Grave's collection (plus two Wandering Misfits, well, wandering.)

Last week I shared my time at Blythecon Chicago, where I managed to purchase my very own Mab Girl - Pansy! These were the last set of Blythe Dolls Mab would unfortunately be creating due to arthritis in her hands, so I knew it would be my only chance at acquiring one. I spent weeks selling things on Ebay and working on freelance projects to buy her, but it was well worth it in the end.

Some people may look at my toy/art collection as throwing money out the window, and it honestly breaks my heart. Since I was a child I have had a strong love/appreciation of art and was always off creating something. In school I took all the art courses I could manage and eventually found my way to art school for a degree in graphic design (after a minor pre-pharmacy hiccup freshman year). Art makes my heart sing - for some people food does - foodies have to get their hands on exotic meats and wine, sports are accompanied by season passes, music has rare release records or instruments, designer dresses and/or hand bags - etc. I am rambling here, but I see collecting art as a beautiful investment.

I haven't purchased a piece since Pansy in October, and honestly don't plan to any time soon...possibly ever *gasp, but priorities change. Life changes. I am currently working on saving for my first home, traveling and ya know, retirement. At some point you pause and know when enough is enough. I am at that point, but I am beyond content with my collection as it stands - it is my little slice of happy in a sometimes dark and difficult world. That's also why I love sharing my collection/favorite artists here with you all.

Artwork by Mab Graves.

Artwork by Mab Graves.

Artwork by Mab Graves.

Tangent aside, I am continually blown away by the beautiful detailing on my Blythe doll Pansy. Her face was meticulously carved and painted, her dress and accessories were all hand made, she even came with an original cameo painting and drawing. She truly is stunning and one of a kind. In an effort to keep this post short I will stop here, but I hope to share more of Mab's work with you down the road.

Have a beautiful day everyone!