Pinky & Barney

Hi all! How's it going? I am pretty glad this week is flying by. This weekend I am headed home to sort through stuff for The ShyShop. My poor mom's house has been the storage space for my dream store (she's the best), but it is finally time that I get it the heck out of there and let it all see the light of day.

I am getting off track here though, more of that to come soon. Today I am here to share with you Geekwok "Pinky Edition" & Barney the Wookie - two adorable Star Wars inspired toys that are a part of my collection.

Geekwok "Pinky Edition" & Barney the Wookie by Ume Toys.

I originally stumbled across the adorable Geekwok character cruising though the interwebs one afternoon and instantly fell in love. I immediately tracked down the creator/artist - Richard Page, and made sure to follow along as to not miss the next release. I may or may not have set an alarm for 3 in the morning to make sure I woke up for the release, Houston, we have a problem... But!!! It was well worth it because I snatched up one of the 10 available from the online release - and it just so happened to be the day after my 25th birthday - happy b-day to me.

A little background about the artist: Richard Page is a freelance creative with over 20 years experience in the field. He has a passion for typography, photography, and illustration. Oh, and he makes awesome toys to boot! You can visit his website here: Ume Toys.

Barney the Wookie was the second piece I added from Ume Toys to my collection. He, as well as my Geekwok, are handmade, handcast and hand painted. With only 20 Barney's made, I definitely lucked out snatching him up.

May the 4th (Barney's release date), and *ahem* the Force, be with you!

Until next time! Have a great day, everyone :]