Home is where... your toys are

Hi all! Hope your week is off to a good start. I am definitely excited for a shortened work week. Friday my family and I are hitting the road and heading up to a family friend's lakehouse for the weekend. I look forward to a weekend with the family, s'mores, and some time on the water.

Tear Drips, by Travis Lampe.

Anywho... Today I thought it would be fun to show you a mini tour of our new apartment and the toys that inhabit it. WARNING: This post is photo heavy, so I will try to keep the chit-chat to a minimum. For those of you new to the blog - I am an avid collector of toys - specifically art toys - you know, the ones you don't play with (although I do occasionally hug on some of them because they just make me so darn happy.) I know, it's a weird concept  - toys you don't play with. I just see it as collecting art from the artists I love - the cuter and creepier the toy, the better!

Dylan and I moved in to our apartment at the beginning of May, and since then we have been trying to figure out it's set up. He is a bit of a minimalist, and while I like the concept in theory, my toy and dress collection prevents me from living that lifestyle. Needless to say, figuring out what to do with my stuff - while allowing some breathing room was important. I think we have finally found our happy place.

My terrariums need a little tlc - but the mini dino's and figures in each cheer me upon the regular.

When looking at places we had a mini list of "must haves". Lighting was definitely at the top of our list. After months of searching we eventually stumbled across this apartment. We were both ecstatic to see that it had windows in every room.

This is my happy place. We hunted down the couch off of Craigslist and the toys in the corner are a fun pop of color.

Our Bedroom is still a a work in process, as well as our dining room. We have bits and pieces laid out, but we need to spend a few more weekends plotting stuff out and hanging stuff up.

Our landlord was pretty set on the wall colors, hence the pink walls. Thankfully we were allowed to paint over the red glitter fireplace (*shudders*), however, the brown glitter wall in the dining room is staying...

Any suggestions for semi-permenant/renter-friendly wall covers?

Aside from our living room, my desk is by far my favorite spot in the apartment. I am surrounded by all the things I love, and their cute faces stare back at me as I work. In the upcoming weeks I plan to share the backgrounds behind the various pieces shown and their creators. I also hope to share with you all the apartment as it evolves. I have been having a lot of fun decorating these past few weeks, and look forward to new projects in the future.

Have a great day everyone!