Set Sail

Hi all! How's it going? The week seems to be speeding by. --Aren't post intros awkward?-- I feel forced to comment on the week every gets old fast. So let's just scratch what I just said. Eeeep!!

Last night Brian and I watched The Hunger Games. I was surprised he actually volunteered to watch it. I think he kind of liked it :] I still need to read the books! I know, what have I been doing with my free time!?! I thrifted the first book about a month back, I just need to sit down and take the time to actually crack it open now...

Alrighty - WARNING: This outfit shows a bit of skin. You have been warned.
I thrifted this nautical crop top(?) last weekend. Now I am not one to show of my midriff...but I had a $10 coupon to this specific thrift store and they wouldn't let me buy my items unless I spent the entire $10. This sounds like it shouldn't be hard at all but their items are ridiculously cheap. Anywho, coming up two dollars short I added this item to the pile and thought I would give it a go...


aDSC_0036 aDSC_0038

Outfit Details: Top - Thrifted | Jeans - American Eagle | Shoes - DSW.

(Please excuse the oil stain on my jeans...forgot to shout it out in the last wash, haha) While I will probably never wear this look out in public - in theory it is cute (I think?). I like the fun pattern on the top, and the tied bottom gives it a fun pin-up sort of feel - especially paired with my new heels.

Are you brave enough to rock cropped tops in public?