Most Wanted Mondays - Pop your collar

As many of you know I am a sucker for peterpan collars. However, I don't own any! *gasp. It is something I am working on changing, trust me. Here are some of my top picks for pretty collared items.

1. Sheinside - Yellow Slim Casual Empire Cotton Dress.

2. Sheinside - Slim lace collar cardigan Coat.

3. ModCloth - Steffy's Pros and Cons Dress.

4. ModCloth - Rally the Loops Dress.

5. ASOS - Nishe Chiffon Blouse with Bow Embroidery.

6. ASOS - Oasis Dress With Contrast Trim.

7. Nast Gal - Tied Crochet Dress - Crimson.

8. Nast Gal - High Rider Shirt.

9. Ruche - Seeing Spots Collar Blouse In Cream.

10. Ruche - Ashbury Crossing Top.

11. Sultry Affair - Peter Pan Layered Collar Necklace.

12. Sultry Affair - Peter Webbed Geometric Peter Pan Collar Necklace, Gold.

Thankfully, my birthday is in less than a month. Extensive wishlists have been created, haha. Joking. Sort of... Have a beautiful Monday everyone! Oh, also, I spoke with my friend Mike this morning who I am visiting in Japan and am beyond excited for the trip! I will have a post shortly showing you pieces of my last trip :]