Toy Army Tuesday - Dunny's pt. 1

For today's Toy Army Tuesday, I decided it was about time to show you my slowly growing Dunny collection. I plan on breaking the collection up in to 3 posts mainly because I want extra time to show off my 2 - 8" Dunny's on a later date. Anywho, let's get started!!

MY COLLECTION: My current collection consists of 27 - 3" Dunny's, and 2 - 8" ones. My collection began Junior year of high school. While I was at Urban Outfitters I decided to buy a Dunny box on a whim. I knew nothing about them, they just looked cool. My first Dunny was the Series 3, 2006 - Tilt (She is in the photograph below blowing a bubble in her undies).

Fast forward to Spring 2011 when my collection became an addiction. My design class visited a local design firm for our senior trip, and guess what! The owner of the firm owned HUNDREDS of Dunny's (and other vinyl toys). My mouth dropped. I was in vinyl toy/ Dunny heaven. I needed to get my hands on more! (the design firm was also incredible - but that is another story). Since that day my collection went from 3 Dunny's to 29 over the course of year. Yikes! I did buy a chunk of them on Ebay (opened) to save money though - Dunny lots are the way to go.

A BIT ABOUT DUNNY'S: Dunny's are created by KidRobot - a vinyl toy superstore. According to their website Dunny's are "a curved bunny with a smooth face, DUNNY is a blank canvas designed to be repainted and reinterpreted by artists from many different backgrounds." What I love most about Dunny's (and all vinyl toys for that matter) is that artists are taking the same toy and reinterpreting them into beautiful and unique mini pieces of art.

The 3" Dunny's are fun because they are sold blind-box, meaning that you never know what you are going to get. Each box lists what you may get and the probability. Each Dunny series has a variety of Dunny creations and they range in rarity. You could receive a cute common one, or the rarest one of the bunch. I love the anticipation and surprise each time you open a box.

The first Dunny series was sold in 2004 and have had countless collections since then. To see all of the Dunny's ever created please check out the KidRobot page - HERE. As you can see my collection is only a small portion.

I could tell you about the various artists, series, etc. but I will save that for another day. In the mean time enjoy a bit of my collection :]

Happy Tuesday y'all! Do you own any Dunny's?
Also, how do you guys import your stories to a Facebook fan page??