Stylish Surprise

Ok, before I show off my outfit post of the week tomorrow. Let's talk about ModCloth's, Stylish Surprise!!! Did any of you guys happen to catch it? It sold out quickly.

Roni posted about it on Monday and I just about freaked out!! For $15 you will receive an item of their choosing worth $29.99 - $249.99, ummm no brainer - am I right?! I hadn't bought anything from ModCloth before (crazy, huh? it's not that I didn't want to), mainly because I have been saving up for my trip to Japan for awhile now. With the wicked price of $15 I bought myself 2 surprises. I can not wait. I haven't seen an item of theirs that I haven't liked so I thought I would see what happens. I do love surprises after all - Dunny's anyone? Anywho, just had to share my excitement because I can not contain it any longer. I just received the tracking number so it is on its way! * This is the beginning of my ModCloth addiction.

If any of you did catch the surprise please let me know what you get :]


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